Monday 15 August 2011


OK, this is not TTMIK challenge post. How many days have I skipped posting? Including today, 5! *sigh* I could make excuses or explain here but I won't. I'm not in the mood, really. I feel so tired these days, mentally tired, though I couldn't figure out why.

And I'm good at running away when trouble comes. So let's forget all that and enjoy this video:

High by REI.

The song immediately captured my attention when watching PopsInSeoul on Arirang the other day. They displayed some information about the song when the clip was playing. The song was said to contain a hopeful message of overcoming the difficulties in life and moving forward. Definitely a song I need right now, anyone could help me with the translation, please? Please?

Quick search and asking around on this band, REI, gave nothing at first. It turns out I always searched it with 김정성 instead of 김종성 because I think that was the name I saw on Arirang: REI (김정성). Anyway, once again, the right name is 김종성 and taking a glance at a piece on him here and there, he seems to be a legend. The Korean made him into the list of 50 most influential Kpop artists in one of his blog post.

Another surprise for me is that 김종성 is the one who originally sings the Beautiful Restriction, the song that I like so much and have put the video of it (the international cover version) in this blog twice! Now it's going to be three times!


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