Thursday 11 August 2011


I just got home 15 minutes ago and it's 2 minutes to midnight. ㅋㅋ

I didn't listen to the podcast attentively today but from pieces I heard here and there, I definitely will listen to it again tomorrow. It's about the clausal connective -는데. I have read about -는데 in my textbook but I haven't quite got a grasp of it. 

So far (big chance I'm wrong here), I love it that what shape the nuance of a sentence could be a connective or a suffix. I'm thinking -는데 and -겠.  I should really look into my native language because for a moment here I could only think of diction or word choice that give effects mostly to the nuance in my language. Or maybe because it's already past midnight and my brain can't work properly!  ㅎㅎ


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