Tuesday 2 August 2011

TTMIK30D-2: The Terror of Sample Sentence

오늘은 TTMIK의 레슨3 레벨12 팟캐스트 들었어요. 그래도 어제 문장를 생각 하고있어요.

I learn new conjunction today, 그래도. It went rather smoothly but I can't stop thinking about the sample sentence I made yesterday.

요즘은 호주에 겨울이 와서 발리에는 너무 추워요. 
..the 와서 part. I remember vaguely something how the 아/어/여서 connective must be used to connect clauses that have same subject, which is not the case in my sentence.

After waiting for hours to get to my beloved book (Integrated Korean Beginning 2, level 12 -- I don't have the pleasure of looking into this matter at the office hour *sigh*), my memory of 아/어/여서 grammar structure is refreshed:

  1. Two functions of the 아/어/여서 connective are clausal connective and sequential connective
  2. The clausal connective provides a cause-and effect relationship between 2 events.
  3. The sequential connective can be used to link 2 sequential, tightly related events. 

It turns out the rule that has been disturbing my day only applied to the 아/어/여서 sequential connective. Since I intend to use the connective as the clausal connective, I can now be happy with my sentence... or not!

I doubt the other parts of my sentence and I think there will always be doubt for each of my self-made sentence. I'm still a beginner, there will be mistakes to expect, a lot of them! I have to be patient towards myself and enjoy the learning process.


I think it's been a long time that I truly respect the a process, building something slowly.

I tend to rush when I'm learning something. I blamed it on the gifts whenever I stumbled upon difficulties, saying that it's not for me. I said it louder and louder for every new mistakes I made. Until at the end, I gave it up. How many things have I neglected this way? Japanese, Deutsch, knitting/crochetting, riding a motor bike, driving a car, and so on and so forth! I guess I didn't trust in efforts.

But now I do.

I don't know what's different with learning Korean but it makes me feel like I can befriend mistakes. I forgive myself when I can't master the lesson instantly. I forgive myself when I have to keep getting back to one grammar point over and over again. I forgive myself when I don't remember the meaning of words. I forgive myself for making ugly sentences.

And most important of all, I forgive myself for realizing this so late. ㅋㅋ ㅋ

No white flag! 화이팅!


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