Sunday 15 May 2011

Playing With My New Optimus One

I name my new LG Optimus One: Optimus Prime 9. 9 because it's my birthdate. Yea, I'm not that creative.

I bought the phone because the old one went dead! :( And this is the picture of LG Optimus One (not my own because I get my Canon D10 repaired at the moment, another :( ).

I took the picture from this review website. My Optimus Prime 9 is a white one. ^^

It's been a week now and I'm still thinking how to enhance my Optimus Prime 9 in assisting my daily life, including learning Korean. Here are some applications installed in my phone, they are all free:

Google Korean IME
I use this keyboard to type 한글 in my phone. It's easy to use and the instruction in the Android market page is clear. I turn off the suggestion feature because it annoys me. :P

Korean Vocabulary Trainer Beginner & Intermediate
I admit that it's not the best way to learn new vocabulary. It doesn't have sample sentences to show the word usage. It lacks of grammatical explanation, all forms of verb with various conjugation mean the same thing as the base form. But I think it's still a fun app to play with. It gives me a glimpse of Korean vocabulary. Another good thing is it shows the right answer.

Learn Korean Numbers
It's a pretty decent app to practice Korean numbers. The display is simple in gray-black-white combination. It has the numbers romanized and written in 한글 as well. The app offers basic lesson for Native and Sino Korean numbers and some flash card practice for both of them. We can listen to the pronunciation, too.

Korean Word Of The Day (by Declan & KoreanWords.Net)
Declan's Korean Word Of The Day
KoreanWords.Net Word Of The Day
It's a pretty complete application from Naver. I don't use them all, only the 영어사전 which menu I found after clicking here and there as I didn't know most menu meant. LOL.

The 3 Little Pigs eBook from EZNet
EZNet provides so many cute children story ebooks. Well, they are audio books as we can listen the story being told. I downloaded the 3 little pigs and I can't wait to master Korean so I can understand them! LOL.

Besides the colorful main stories, it has feature to learn vocabulary used in the story. It's intended for the children to learn English words but of course it works the other way around to thus it's useful for me. I really love this app! Gonna download the other stories!

the main menu
the story
the vocabulary menu

There are a lot of Korean apps found in the Android market but I don't think it's useful for me right now. One more reason for me to study Korean diligently!

Is there other Korean learners using Android out there (who happen to read this post :D)? Any interesting app? Please, please tell me~~

Another news, my books package is not here yet! Arghh! I ordered Integrated Korean Beginning 2 and Intermediate 1 from Amazon via Bookoopedia, an Indonesian online bookstore that facilitates purchase at Amazon. I ordered almost 2 months ago and they are not here yet. T_T

I tried them because a friend had a successful experience bought the 7 books of Harry Potter. I've sent them an email a month ago and they said it's still in normal waiting time and I sent them an email again few days ago. Hope they can do something about it. 

In the mean time, I'm lucky to have other bunch of resources, from TTMIK (I'm at level 2, lesson 27!), CoreanBigSis, and the internet!

열심히 한국어 더 공부 할 거여요. ^^