Wednesday 6 June 2012

이상한 나라의 런닝 맨

I'm watching Running Man episode 89. The episode's theme is Wonderland and the casts' mission is to find key that will bring them back home.

The production team really does an awesome job. There are people dressed in cards wandering around, there is the devilish queen of heart who challenges the cast with paper-rock-scissors game, and there's the rabbit running around saying "it's late, it's late"!!

I learn the word Wonderland in Korean is translated as 이상한 나라 which literally means the strange country/the weird land. Ah~ That makes me wonder what's the best phrase to express Wonderland in Indonesian. I'm thinking 'negeri ajaib' (lit. magical land). I'll try to find the Indonesian translation of Alice in Wonderland next time I visit a bookstore.

Oh, finally I pay attention to what name tag is in Korean (right, after 89 episodes of Running Man..). I happened to see the caption they put when 유재석 ate the cake that made his name tag bigger. 이름표.

I think I'll remember this one because 이름 (name) already stucks in my head and this is the second time I see -표. The Integrated Korean has a chapter about travel and I learned the word airplane ticket or 비행기표. 비행기 is plane. 

So it seems like one of the meaning of 표 relate to something that has rectangular form? I said one of the meaning because in Naver Hanja, typing 표 will list several entries (and I still don't know how to navigate the whole thing there :P). But several entries in Naver that I'm suspecting having the same root with this 표 are: 시간표 (timetable/schedule), 계획표 (planning chart), 성적표 (report card). Ha! I don't know but it's fun!

Hm.. Besides running into word usage, knowing Hanja seems to be a lot of help when it comes to absorbing vocabulary. Need to start finding suitable resource for learning Hanja! 아자 아자 화이팅!


Friday 1 June 2012

Hello June!

I missed my 1st blog anniversary! It should be on .. let me check my first post.. ok, 8th of March, which is the same date with my graduation date ㅋㅋ who still remembers this kind of thing? So yeah, hurray for this blog~!

Let me list some updates here so when I look back in the next few months (ha! do I already plan to neglect this blog again?) at least I know I've been doing Korean thingy lalala~~

The Downs
I've made several attempts to establish more links with Korea/Korean and I failed at some of them. One of them is KGSP/GKS scholarship hehe. What I'm grateful for is that after those failures I find other opportunities. Some of them need a long term planning but the other.. I can try right away and it gives me back the joy of pursuing something.

Korean Learning Progress
I use Korean Grammar In Use Intermediate these days. I link to Hangulpark site because they have table of content there but I bought the book from Libro with my friend's help. I decided to buy this book after reading Angeli's review and I don't regret my decision, love this book~ I am digesting this book slowly though because every time I run into sample sentences/dialogues for a grammar pattern, I find another grammar pattern that I have to look for. Haha! But it's fun and I love having a grammar reference kind of book.

I also have signed up for another Pegasus class. This time I enroll in their intermediate level, Push It! class. I think I really need a push to study Korean more diligently. There will be only 2 students for Push It! and we both are from last Gogo (beginner) class. ㅋㅋ It will be like a private session~

I Do, I Do
It's not my line. No one has proposed to me yet (my dream ring is like the one Mr. Schneier designed for Cory Doctorow). I Do, I Do is Dia's favorite actress Kim Sun Ah's new drama and when she announced in her blog that their team had an opening for the subbing team, I joined as a timer. I am not an avid K-drama watcher but I think it will be a good chance for me to practice listening and catch new words or phrases. Oh! And I love the thought of being able to be the first to watch among those who need the subtitle. Alalala~ Excited!

I create a tumblr! I've lost count on how many blogs I own haha.. As Tumblr is a microblogging service, I don't feel guilty submitting short post and that could lead to more frequent posting. ㅋㅋ

I guess that's all for now. Have a marvelous June!


Tuesday 28 February 2012

다람쥐 동산/The Squirrel Hill

Hi! This is another children story amateur translation by me. I said in the last story translation that I would write a post on what I learned/am questioning about translation but I guess it would have to wait. :P

다람쥐 동산 is the third story in the children book I own, 하느님의 눈물. Please excuse mistakes, wrong choice of words, and weirdness in this translation. In fact, I'd be very happy if you're willing to point them out in the comment. ^^  I thought this story is more difficult to translate than last one. Hm.

아기 다람쥐 똘똘이는 한없이 궁금했습니다. 저어기 산 너머에 정말 도깨비들이 사는 것일까요?
There was this one little squirrel, Smarty, whose curiosity knew no end. Do the devils live across the hill?

"엄마, 정말 저기 고개 너머에 도깨비들이 살아요?"
"그래 그래, 얼굴이 시뻘겋고 이마에 뿔이 돋은 도깨비들이 우글우글 살고 있단다."
"Mom, do the devils live at the top of that hill? "
"Yes, dear. The devils live there. Their faces are red and on their forehead, a horn sprout up."

"난 아무래도 거짓말 같아요. 한 번 가 보고 싶어요."
"큰일 날 소리 또 한다. 고개 너머에 갔다간 살아 돌아오지 못할 테니까 절대로 가면 안 돼요."
엄마 다람쥐는 엄하게 타일렀습니다.
"I think that is a lie. I want to go there just once."
"You said something that will get you into trouble again. There were squirrels who went to the top of that hill and could not return. That's why you should never ever go there, ever."
Mother Squirrel gave him a strict order.

아기 다람쥐 똘똘이는 어쩔 수 없었습니다. 엄마 말씀을 믿니 않고 어쩌겠어요.
Smarty could not do anything about it. He did not believe what his mom said but decided to let it go.

똘똘이는 먼 산봉우리를 바라봅니다. 푸른 숲이 우거지고, 봉우리 위의 하늘이 너무도 맑고 푸르픕니다. 마음 같아서는 단숨에 뛰어가서 보고 싶습니다.
'도깨비들이 살고 있는 너머에도 역시 하늘 밫이 푸른가 봐.'
Smarty gazed into the distant hilltop. The woods were thick and above it the sky was very clear and blue. The squirrel felt the urge to run over there and had a look at it. 'It seems like the sky also shines blue to the devils living over there.'

그날 밤, 똘똘이는 남들에 모두 잠든 사이에 밖으로 나왔습니다. 캄캄한 하늘에 별들이 반짝거리고 있습니다. 때마침 동편에서 달이 두둥실 떠오르고 이씁니다. 똘똘이는 두근거리는 가슴을 손바닥으로 꼭 눌렀습니다.
That night, Smarty sneaked outside while the others were falling asleep. The stars were sparkling in the dark sky. The moon floated on the east side. Smarty's hand pressed again his throbbing chest.

'한 번 살짝 넘겨다보는 건 괜찮을 거야.'
똘똘이는 살금 살금 고갯길을 오르기 시작했습니다.
'I want to look over the hill, just once won't hurt.' Smarty assured himself. He started to climb the uphill path quietly.

고갯길을 거의 올라갔을 때였습니다. 저만큼 앞에서 바스락거리는 소리가 났습니다. 똘똘이는 깜짝 놀라 걸음을 멈추었습니다. 그리고는 앞을 자세히 살펴보았습니다. 마침 달빛이 숲 사이로 환히 비추었기 때문에 앞이 자세히 보였습니다.
Smarty was still walking the uphill path when suddenly he heard a rustling up front. Smarty was startled and stopped his steps immediately. He examined what was ahead of him. Right at that time the moon shone its light brightly through the forest, the front could be seen in detail.

'도깨비가 나와 있는 걸까?'
가슴이 팔딱팔딱 뛰었습니다. 그런데 다섯 발쯤 앞에는 똘똘이만한 아기 다람쥐가 이쪽을 쳐다보고 있었습니다.
'Is that a devil?' His heart jumped out his chest.
About 5 feet in front of Smarty, there was a young squirrel looking in his direction.

"애야, 넌 누구니?"
똘똘이는 가까스로 마음이 놓여 그렇게 물어습니다.
"나, 쫑쫑이라 부른다."
"어다 사니?"
"저쪽 산 너머에 산다."
"Hey, who are you?"
Smarty, whose heart was barely put back in place, asked such question.
"I, they call me Benjy."
"Where do you live?"
"That hill over there."

똘똘이는 질겁을 했습니다. 한참 동안 말이 나오지 않았습니다. 겨우 정신을 차려 다시 물었습니다.
Smarty was frightened. For a long time he couldn't speak at all. After he recovered a bit, he asked another question.

"산 너머엔 도깨비사 없니?"
"어머나! 너도 그렇게 알고 있었니? 나도 우리 엄마 아버지가 이쪽 너머에 무시무시한 도깨비들이 살고 있으니 가지 말라고 했어."
"그건 거지말이야!"
똘똘이는 세차게 고개를 흔들었습니다.
"There's no devil on that hill?"
"Oh my! That's what you've been told, too? Me, too. My mom and dad said that horrible devils live in that hill and forbad me to go there."
"That's a lie!"
Smarty shook his head furiosly.

"이제보니 어른들 모두가 거짓말을 했어."
똘똘이와 쫑쫑이는 어느 새 서로 손을 꼭 잡고 있었습니다.
"Look at this, all the grown up has told us lies."
Before anyone knows, Smarty and Benjy held each other hand.

"내가 저기 고개 올타리에 구멍을 뚫어 놀았으니 함께 가 보자."
"그래 가 보자!"
똘똘이와 쫑쫑이는 그날부터 몰래 밤마다 울타리 구멍으로 고개 너머 이쪽 저쪽으로 오락가락했습니다. 그리고는 동무들에게도 알려 아기 다람쥐들은 예사로이오고 가고 드나들었습니다.
"I made a hole in the fence placed on that hill, let's go see it together."
"Right.. let's see it."
Since that day, Smarty and Benjy came and went through the hole in the fence going here and there night after night. They told their friends and then it became common for many young squirrels to come and go through the fence too.

울타리 구멍은 점점 더 커지고 아기 다람쥐들도 더 많이 몰려다녔습니다. 어른 다람쥐들이 그걸 알게 되었지만 어쩔 수 없었습니다. 더 이상 아기 다람쥐들을 속일 수 없었기 때문입니다.
The hole in the fence got bigger little by little as more and more young squirrels moved around in groups. The adult squirrels became aware of this but there was nothing they could do because the young squirrels could be deceived no more.

아기 다람쥐들은 이젠 밤마다 몰래 오고 가는것이 아니라 대낮에도 떼를 지어 오고 갔습니다.
Now the young squirrels did not need to go in secret at night. They also came and went in group in the middle of the day too.

"엄마, 외 있지도 않는 도깨비들을 있다고 거짓말했어요?"
"그... 글쎄, 너희 아버지가 그러고, 또 다른 어른들 모두가 그러니까 나도 그런 줄 알았지."
"Mom, why did you lie about devil living on the hill when there's actually none of them?"
"That... well, that's what your dad and other grownup squirrels were told and so that's what I was told too."

아기 다람쥐는 엄마 다람쥐를 데리고 고개 너머 쫑쫑이네 엄마 다람쥐에게 놀러갔습니다. 그리고 쫑쫑이네 엄마 다람쥐도 쫑쫑이와 함께 고개 이쪽 똘똘이네 집에 놀러왔습니다.
The young squirrel took his mom going to the hill where Benjy's mom was and Benjy and his mom too came  over Smarty's house together to play.

다람쥐 동산은 이제 울타리가 모두 걷히고 평화롭게 서로 오고 갔습니다. 많은 다람쥐들이 결혼도 하고 이사도 하고, 그리고 어려운 일, 즐거운 일을 서로 나누었습니다.
The fence on the hill now had been completely removed and the squirrels lived peacefully with each other in their Squirrel Hill. Many squirrels were getting married and moving and they shared difficult and joyful time together.

똘똘이와 쫑쫑이가 용기를 내어 처음 마난 것을 날 했다고 길이 길이 생각했습니다.
The story about how courage led Smarty and Benjy to their first meeting was forever memorized.


Sunday 5 February 2012

책 쇼핑하기

This is my homework for Gogo Korean class. I put my first draft on lang-8 and 2 lovely people so far are helping me point out the mistakes and share how  to make it sound more natural in Korean. If you haven't heard about lang-8, it's a great place to practice your writing (in any language that you're learning) and have it corrected by  the native speakers. You can also help out other language learners by correcting entries in languages that you master. Check the website out and you won't be sorry~ ^^ 

책 쇼핑하기는 내가 제일 좋아하는 것이다. 어렸을 때부터 책을 사러 가면 항상 행복하고 기분이 좋아졌다. 책뿐만 아니다.  나는 만화나 잡지를 사는것도 즐겁다.

유치원때 저희 부모님께서 매주 목요일에 보보라는 어린이 잡지를 집에 가져오셨다. 그때의 어린이 잡지는 지금의 것과 조금 다르다. 요즘에는 어린이 이야기가 아니라 아이돌 이야기가 어린이 잡지에 많이 게재된다. 어린이 잡지 외에도 나는 만화와 아동 소설을 읽었다. 내가 처음으로 읽은 만화는 명탐정 코난이다. 그리고 에니드 블라이튼의 학교 시리즈가 좋아했다. 어렸을 때 산 것은 만화책이었고 아동 소설은 도서관에서 빌렸다.

중학교때 어느 날 저희 아버지께서 나랑 동생들을 서점에 데려가셨다. 저희 아버지는 나한테 소설을 사주시고 싶어하셨다. 저희 아버지는 내가 만화보다 소설을 더 읽어야 하다고 하셨다. 그날에 애거서  크리스티의 애크로이드 살인사건을 샀다. 그때부터 나는 재미있는 작가를 많이 찾았지만 번역 소설만 읽었다.

몃년 후에 내가 사는 곳에 수입 도서를 파는 서점이 많아졌다. 영어 책을 살 수 있기 때문에 정말 행복했다. 기분이 나쁘면 나는 그냥 사점에 간다. 대학교때 나는 돈이 없는 학생이었고 수입 도서는 비싸기 때문에 가끔 구경만 하러 서점에 갔다. 사실은 책을 많이 좋아하는데 지금까지 그렇다.

요즘은 온라인숍이 있어서 책을 사기가 쉽다. 온라인숍으로 외국에서 책이나 다른 것을 살 수 있다. 취직한 다음엔 신용 카드를 만들었기 때문에 쉽게 온라인숍에서 쇼핑 할 수 있었다. 보통 외국에서 사면 배송비가 정말 비싸다. 하지만 영국에 Book Depository라는 온라인서점은 배송비가 없다. 이제 그 서점은 내가 제일 좋아하는 서점이 됬다.

나는 작년부터 Book Depository에서 한국어 교과서를 세 번 샀다. 그런데 그 서점에는 한국 책이 없다. 배송비가 없는 온라인 서점이 한국 책을 팔면 좋겠다. 아니면 한국에서 살 수 있으면 정말 좋겠다.

나는 모든 책을 사면 행복 해지는 것 같다. 언젠가 내가 사는 책들으로 큰 도서관 짓고 싶어서 지금부터 책을 많이 사서 모아야 겠다.


Tuesday 31 January 2012

아기 소나무/The Baby Pine

In order to learn new words, I attempted to translate one of the stories in a children book I own, 하느님의 눈물 (got it on sale, less than a dollar for the book! xP). I translated on my notebook and decided to rewrite it here with hope that the repeat will make the words stuck in my head.

아기 소나무 is the second story in this book. Please excuse mistakes, wrong choice of words, and weirdness in the translation, this is my first time translating Korean text this long. I'd be very happy if you're willing to point them out in the comment. ^^ I will make separate post to list difficulties I face and some questions I (still) have on my translation attempt.

source: here

아기 소나무 / The Baby Pine

동산에 떠오른 달님은 만져질 듯이 가까이에 있었습니다. 
The moon  has just came up, it was there near the hill as if touching it.

오늘은 팔 월 한가위, 1년 중 가장 커다란 달님이기 때문입니다, 희고 둥근 달님의 얼굴이 온 세상을 아름답게 비추어습니다.
Today on the August was the Korean thanksgiving day because it was the time of the year when the moon came up the biggest. The white and the round face of the moon shone beautifully all over the world. 

"달님 아줌마! 달님 아줌마!"
산당성이 외딴 봉우리에서 잔지만 또랑또랑한 목소리가 들렸습니다.
"Auntie Moon! Auntie Moon!"
From the top of an isolated ridge, a small but clear voice was heard.

"어엉, 누구니?"
달님은 소리나는 쪽으로 눈과 귀를 한꺼번에 돌렸습니다.
"Mm, who is it?"
The Moon turned its ear and looking towards the voice at the same time.

"저예요. 여깄잖아요!"
"It's me. Can't you see I'm here!"

달님이 자세히 내려다보니, 조그만 소리로 부른 건 바로 아기 소나무였습니다. 세 살짜리 아기 소나무는 봉우리 꼭대기에 팔을 번쩍 치켜들고 서 있습니다.
The Moon looked down thoroughly towards the calling sound and there it was a baby pine. The 3 year old Baby Pine was at the top of the mountain waving his arms.

source: here

"오! 오! 너였구나. 그래 나를 왜 불렀니?"
"저, 말예요."
"지난 여름, 억수같이 퍼붓던 물 누가 쉬 한 거예요?"
"Oo! Oo! So it was you. Why did you call me?"
"I, have something to say."
"Last summer water was pouring down heavily, who was peeing?"

"아줌마가 눈 거예요? 아니면 해님 아저씨가 눈 거여요?"
달님은 금방 얼굴이 빨개지고 말았습니다.
"Was it Auntie's pee? If not, was it Uncle Sun's pee?"
The Moon soon turned red and rolled its face.

"아기 소나무야, 그건 쉬 한 게 아니다."
"Dear Baby Pine, it was not peeing."

"에그, 거짓말. 아줌마 얼굴이 빨개진 걸 보니 달님이 쉬 했군요. 그렇죠?"
"아니야, 그건 오줌이 아니고 '비'라고  하는 거야. 온 세상의 나무들이 잘 자라라고 하느님이 내려 주시는 거야."
"Yeah right, that's a lie. I saw Auntie's face turning red, it was you who was peeing, wasn't it?"
"No, that was not urine. It was called 'rain'. The trees in the whole world need to grow and so God gives them rain."

"그럼, 그때 시커먼 포장은 왜 잔뜩 가려 놓았어요? 누가 볼까 봐 궁뎅이 감추느라 그랬죠?"
"If that's so, why were you covering yourself that time? You don't want to people see you peeing so you're covering your butt, right?"

"푸낭이 아니고 그게 바로 '구름'이라는 물통이야. 여름엔 날씨가 덥고 농사철이기 때문에 물이 굉장히 많아야 되거든. 시원하고 달짝한 비를 너도 실컷 마시고 컸잖니?"
달님은 진땀이 나도록 차근차근 들려 주었습니다.
"It was not a cover, that thing was a water bucket called 'cloud'. In the summer, because the wheather is hot and it is a farming season, we need a lot of water. You too drink warm and sweet water of rain as much as you want and grow, don't you?"
The Moon waited and listened calmly to the point that she began to sweat.

아기 소나무는 약간 알아 들은 듯했습니다.
"참말 그랬어요. 시원하고 달짝한 걸 보니 쉬는 아닌 것 샅애요."
The Baby Pine seems to understand it a bit.
"So it was truly like that, eh. It looks like the warm and sweet thing is not a pee after all."

"아닌 것 같은 게 아니라 정말 아니다."
"No, it really was not that."

아기 소나무는 입을 다물었습니다. 자꾸 따지고 들면 그런 아기 소나무가 맘에 들었습니다. 무명베처럼 희고 질긴 달빛을 쏟아 비춰 주었습니다.
The Baby Pine shut his mouth. Because if he kept nitpicking, he would be one that has no manner.

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"아기 소나무야. 너는 이 담에 키가 어느만큼 크고 싶니?"
달님이 물었습니다.
"Dear Baby Pine, in the future how big you want to be?"
The Moon asked.

"달님한테까지 내 손이 닿도록 크고 싶어요."
"어머나! 그만치 커서 무얼 하려고 그러니?"
"I want to grow until my arm can touch Auntie Moon."
"Oh my! What will you do after growing that big?"

"언젠가 바람이 내가 가르쳐 줬어요.
저어기 산골짜기랑 시냇가에 살고 있는 사람들은 모두 슬픈 사람들이래요. 아들들은 군인으로 뽑혀가고 딸들은 도시의 공장으로 돈벌이 가고....."
"Sometime ago the Wind told me something.
People who live faraway there in the valley and on the riverbank are said to be all sad people. The sons are forced to be a slave and the daughters must go to the factory in the city to work and earn money.."

"쯧쯧, 안됐구나. 정말....."
"Tsk, tsk, it's not good. Really...."

"그래서, 할머니랑 할아버지들은 달님만 쳐다보고 '저기 저기 저 달 속에 초가 산간 집 짓고 살고 싶어라.' 한대요."
"정말 그렇겠구나."
"So, I heard that the grandmothers and the grandfathers there are only looking at Auntie Moon and said 'There, there, it would be good to build a three room thatched cottage and live there in the moon.'"
"Is that so?"

"그러니까 내가 하늘만큼 키가 자라서 튼튼 해지면, 그 할머니 할아버지들이 나를 베다가 초가집 짓고 살으시랴고요."
아기 소나무는 가슴에 두 손을 모아 쥐면서 정성껏 말했습니다.
"That's why if I grow as high as the sky and become strong, that grandmothers and grandfathers can cut me down and use me to build and live in a thatched cottage."
The Baby Pine holds both his arms in front of his chest while saying this.

달님은 갑자기 목이 베려고 해서 억지로 참았습니다.
"아기 소나무야, 고맙다."
The Moon suddenly felt chocked up as she was surpressing her tears.
"Dear Baby Pine, thank you."

"달님 아주머니도 저 아래 산 밑, 한국의 할아버지랑 할머니들이 불쌍하셔요?"
"Auntie Moon, also, down there at the bottom of the mountain, were Korean grandfathers and grandmothers there poor?"

"그래, 할아버지 할머니들뿐만도 아니지. 군인으로 간 아들들도 공장으로 간 딸들도, 한국에 살고 있는 모두가 불쌍하지."
"그럼, 내 키가 얼른 얼른 자라게 도와 주셔요."
"That's true. Besides the grandfathers and the grandmothers, the sons that become slaves, the daughters who have to go to the factory, everyone else in Korea is poor."
"If that's so, then please help me grow quickly, quickly."

"도와 주고 말고지. 하느님도 네가 제일 착하다고 하실 거야."
"아니에요. 제일로 착한 건 싫어요. 보통으로 착하면 되어요."
"그래 그래 아기 소무야."
달님은 한 번 더 목이 메려는 것을 꼭 참았습니다.
"I will certainly want to help you. God too, when he hears that you are kindest of all, will also help you."
"No. I don't want to be the kindest one. The usual kind is already enough."
"Ok, ok, dear Baby Spine."
Once again, the Moon choked back her tears.