Friday 1 June 2012

Hello June!

I missed my 1st blog anniversary! It should be on .. let me check my first post.. ok, 8th of March, which is the same date with my graduation date ㅋㅋ who still remembers this kind of thing? So yeah, hurray for this blog~!

Let me list some updates here so when I look back in the next few months (ha! do I already plan to neglect this blog again?) at least I know I've been doing Korean thingy lalala~~

The Downs
I've made several attempts to establish more links with Korea/Korean and I failed at some of them. One of them is KGSP/GKS scholarship hehe. What I'm grateful for is that after those failures I find other opportunities. Some of them need a long term planning but the other.. I can try right away and it gives me back the joy of pursuing something.

Korean Learning Progress
I use Korean Grammar In Use Intermediate these days. I link to Hangulpark site because they have table of content there but I bought the book from Libro with my friend's help. I decided to buy this book after reading Angeli's review and I don't regret my decision, love this book~ I am digesting this book slowly though because every time I run into sample sentences/dialogues for a grammar pattern, I find another grammar pattern that I have to look for. Haha! But it's fun and I love having a grammar reference kind of book.

I also have signed up for another Pegasus class. This time I enroll in their intermediate level, Push It! class. I think I really need a push to study Korean more diligently. There will be only 2 students for Push It! and we both are from last Gogo (beginner) class. ㅋㅋ It will be like a private session~

I Do, I Do
It's not my line. No one has proposed to me yet (my dream ring is like the one Mr. Schneier designed for Cory Doctorow). I Do, I Do is Dia's favorite actress Kim Sun Ah's new drama and when she announced in her blog that their team had an opening for the subbing team, I joined as a timer. I am not an avid K-drama watcher but I think it will be a good chance for me to practice listening and catch new words or phrases. Oh! And I love the thought of being able to be the first to watch among those who need the subtitle. Alalala~ Excited!

I create a tumblr! I've lost count on how many blogs I own haha.. As Tumblr is a microblogging service, I don't feel guilty submitting short post and that could lead to more frequent posting. ㅋㅋ

I guess that's all for now. Have a marvelous June!



  1. I haven't tried reading the Korean Grammar in Use book we have, but from what you and Angeli are saying, I think it's a book worth reading. :D

    And wow, you're a timer for a fansubbing group! I was once a part of a subbing group, but I soon realized that I didn't want to sub something I love--it would take the 'fun' factor out of watching a drama if I've repeatedly watched every single scene to translate/time/edit it. I'd rather sub something I didn't actually like so I wouldn't care about being spoiled. XD That's why I'm amazed with people who willingly sub dramas/anime/stuff they love.

    And happy first anniversary to your blog! :D Hope to read more of your blog posts here and on Tumblr. :D

    1. Thank you~ ^^

      Ah, now that you mentioned it plus I've tried what it's like to time one episode of the drama, I have to say that I agree with you!

      When I'm timing, I really have fun trying to catch the pronunciation for the translated text and I learn a lot but it costs me the story, the fun factor of watching a drama like you said.

      Therefore, I think I won't join the subbing teams for any of 유재석's shows! ㅋㅋ