Wednesday 6 June 2012

이상한 나라의 런닝 맨

I'm watching Running Man episode 89. The episode's theme is Wonderland and the casts' mission is to find key that will bring them back home.

The production team really does an awesome job. There are people dressed in cards wandering around, there is the devilish queen of heart who challenges the cast with paper-rock-scissors game, and there's the rabbit running around saying "it's late, it's late"!!

I learn the word Wonderland in Korean is translated as 이상한 나라 which literally means the strange country/the weird land. Ah~ That makes me wonder what's the best phrase to express Wonderland in Indonesian. I'm thinking 'negeri ajaib' (lit. magical land). I'll try to find the Indonesian translation of Alice in Wonderland next time I visit a bookstore.

Oh, finally I pay attention to what name tag is in Korean (right, after 89 episodes of Running Man..). I happened to see the caption they put when 유재석 ate the cake that made his name tag bigger. 이름표.

I think I'll remember this one because 이름 (name) already stucks in my head and this is the second time I see -표. The Integrated Korean has a chapter about travel and I learned the word airplane ticket or 비행기표. 비행기 is plane. 

So it seems like one of the meaning of 표 relate to something that has rectangular form? I said one of the meaning because in Naver Hanja, typing 표 will list several entries (and I still don't know how to navigate the whole thing there :P). But several entries in Naver that I'm suspecting having the same root with this 표 are: 시간표 (timetable/schedule), 계획표 (planning chart), 성적표 (report card). Ha! I don't know but it's fun!

Hm.. Besides running into word usage, knowing Hanja seems to be a lot of help when it comes to absorbing vocabulary. Need to start finding suitable resource for learning Hanja! 아자 아자 화이팅!



  1. I watched that episode of Running Man too! 너무 너무 재밌죠? ㅋㅋㅋ

    아므튼, 이름표의 '표'는 네이버사전 찾으면 첫번째 의미 인데 한자를 쓰면 表이에요. But I feel the meaning is actually based on both the verb and noun form of the word. 表 means to show or mention, so I suppose 이름표 literally means a tag that shows your name? Not sure if that explanation helps >.<

    1. oh! I think it makes sense. 계회표 and 성적표 then might mean something that shows/mentions your plan and performance/report.

      Knowing Chinese characters is surely helpful~ Thank you starxblinded (if I may ask, how should I call you? ^^)!

  2. Haha. I also just learned 이상한 나라 while I was translating the excerpts from I Do I Do novel.

    1. lol, I bet it's going to stuck in our head for a long time because we learn it from something we love! ㅋㅋ

  3. Nice article ^^ I really love Running Man and your words helped me understand a little more without the subs ^^

    Like the blog too ^^