Monday 1 August 2011

TTMIK30D-1: ㅂ Irregular

The frst episode for my TTMIK 30 days challenge is level 3 - lesson 11 ㅂ irregular.

This is actually my second encounter with ㅂ irregular. I have first read it on Integrated Korean beginning 1 and I'm glad I run into it again. I think this resonates one of Shana's tips for studying Korean grammar structure: don't rely on one grammar book/guide!

Following are points that I missed or incorrectly assumed about this irregularities:

  1. I thought for every suffix, the ㅂ will always be replaced. It turned out only if the suffix starts with vowel.
  2. I thought the ㅂ will always be replaced with 우 (until 돕다 is mentioned)
  3. I thought the verb that ends with ㅂ in their verb stem is always descriptive verb (again, until 돕다 is brought up as an example)

요즘은 호주에 겨울이 와서 발리에는 너무 추워요.


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