Monday 8 August 2011

TTMIK30D-8: Ooops..

I didn't post for weekend. ㅋㅋ Ok, it's worse than that. I didn't even listen to the podcast during weekend. So I listen to 3 episodes today.

Level 3 Lesson 16: Let's!

Before this lesson, I mostly use '-자' which I learn from watching variety shows. And after this, I'll revisit some of Big Bang's lyric because I think I saw '-시죠' somewhere. ㅋㅋ Always happy when I find the meaning of suffixes that has made appearance in songs or shows I know~

Level 3 Lesson 17: in order to

Between 위해 and 위해서 I think I'll use 위해서 all the time. I could see 위해서 as '..... 위해요. 그래서 ...' but using only '위해' feels like missing something.

Level 3 Lesson 18: nothing but/only

I have listened to this episode before and it immediately sticks in my head because I made the common mistake mentioned in the podcast. I said something like '한국어 조금만 할 수 있어요' while the right thing is to say like this: '한국어 조금 밖에 못 해요'.

My favorites among a whole bunch of grammar construnctions would be ones that show strong distinction of how Korean expresses something, like today's Noun + 밖에 + negative conjugation. I think the uniqueness of what's natural and what's not in each language is indeed a treasure.


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