Sunday 11 September 2011

Last August


This is me, admitting my failure in completing the 30 days TTMIK challenge I set up last August. I listened to only 11 podcasts, it's not even 50% of the challenge. ㅠㅠ 

The fastest way to close this report challenge is to say that I don't know what happened back then. It just happened. But I prefer doing a bit of flashback to track when I started going sideways and eventually stop my engine. 

I think it began around the time of my project closing (btw I work as a software engineer). It was mentally draining so even if I didn't work overtime that much I didn't touch any Korean material at all in my leisure time. There were times when I took learning Korean as a leisure activity but that wasn't one of them. My mistake was that when the project did finish, I continue ignoring Korean in my spare time. Then I got my relocation approval (I asked to be relocated to the branch office in my hometown, Bandung - Indonesia) and found myself preparing this and that. 

I'm glad that I am self studying and not in the middle of a formal education class so there's no formal punishment (read: bad score) when I get weak-willed like this. I feel like I have to be careful because I think I'm beginning to run out my euphoria fuel. I still love Korean shows but clearly it's not in the same state as it when the first time I know of them. That and the fact that I get bored easily are actually enough to get me stop learning Korean or so I thought. 

Remembering a bit from my past, it has always been this way. I stopped learning various skills at the beginner phase with various reasons and in the end I always try to comfort myself by saying that they are not for me. Now that I'm thinking about it again, I couldn't help but feel that it's only half or less true. I think I avoid hard work.

So what about this Korean journey? Honestly I don't know. Don't mistake me, I still have quite spirit to become fluent but I need to keep looking for what makes my fire burning. I've been trying, so far I already got myself the intermediate books of Integrated Korean to motivate me stepping up to the next level. Currently I'm still halfway the Beginning 2 book. I signed up for Pegasus Society skype class. I'm excited and can't wait but it's still in December. Language exchange partner? 

I found several fellow bloggers doing this language exchange and I actually get curious about it. I want to do it too but I don't feel like I have strong bargain on my side. My native language is Indonesian, my English is not that bad but I doubt it's that good to help someone. What if I lead my partner to wrong direction? ㅋㅋ If you know any Korean-speaking people who wants to learn Indonesian and a language exchange partner for that, please please do tell me! xD 

Anyway, while I'm looking for the alternative (any ideas are welcomed!), I'll finish my Beginning 2 book and hopefully I can take the Intermediate 1 book starting October. *fingers crossed

여러분, 좋은 하루 보내세요~ 그리고 화이팅!



  1. Weee! We're going to be classmates on Pegasus! ^^

  2. Really?! Yayy!!
    What's your number (in the latest email)? I only catch you by meloncreme before your blog disappeared. :D

  3. I'm the very first applicant. #1. ㅋㅋ ^^ As soon as I saw their announcement on FB, I immediately submitted my application. ㅎㅎ

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