Saturday 26 March 2011

Integrated Korean & Language Instinct

It's here! My Integrated Korean textbook is here! Well, it's been here since few days ago but I'm still quite happy about it.

I bought the books in Book Depository, it's an online book store with free shipping! I wrote the detail of my book purchase here. I downloaded the audio files at Klear Textbook site. The audio is for the second edition of the book, I think the first edition audio can be found here.

First impression. I like it. I just finished Unit 2 and I think this book and I will get along wonderfully! Since I've been listening to TTMIK, I already know most of the grammar so far (remember, I only get to Unit 2 as I'm writing this). But I like to read explanation in different ways so that it makes me understand things better or helps me see what I didn't see before. Also, like Shana (Hanguk Drama blog author) pointed out, I like the snipplets on Korean culture, too.

The vocabulary revolves around campus life. I guess the book is intended as a college textbook. Well, I'm not a college student anymore but it's ok. Whatever kind of vocabulary for a beginner like me is as nutritious as the breast milk for a baby. :P

I always love books. When I was learning Japanese and Deutsch, I made a mistake. I love my textbooks so much that I kept them clean. I wrote answer in my notebooks. I didn't highlight any important parts or words that I didn't understand. I didn't make notes on them. It was a mistake, really.

Keeping a textbook clean is not a way for me. It won't show my progress and that will drag my spirit down as if I haven't learned anything. Not to mention I can't remember which page that has grammatical points that I keep forgeting, and so on, and so on. I won't do that for my Korean textbook! Taadaaa..

The Language Instinct, the second book in the picture. I knew this book from the Korean. I'm amazed by his hardworking attitude when he's learning English and always enjoy his blog post. He mentioned that it's a must read for people who are interested in languages (and for people who are not!). So, I got the book. He recommends Integrated Korean, too.

The Language instinct is a challenging reading for me. A lot of time I am stunned and just have to reread the sentences. I need, I have to pay full attention to it, not to mention there are a lot of new words. But I want to gain knowledge from it so bad that I won't let this book left unread just because it's difficult. I want to know more about language. Besides, I believe it's going to be a strong foundation in my journey learning Korean. Wish me luck on this! ^^

여러분 , 한국어 공부하자!


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  1. Hi!! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I've been meaning to try the KLEAR textbooks too; I heard it's a really good series. And I've read The Language Instinct as well! The author does a great job of connecting language to science and psychology. Good luck on your studies~ ^^