Tuesday 8 March 2011

The Purpose Of This Space

I think I need to set up a reminder of how I'd like to use this blog, of what content I'd like to see here, and why and that sort of things.

NOT a Korean Learning Notebook

No, I definitely don't want this blog be something like lesson summaries, at least for now. I'm just a beginner but even if somehow I manage to be an advanced learner, I haven't thought of great way to present a 'technical' blog on language learning. I've tried once for English and it didn't work out for me.

I prefer this blog to be a purely subjective to my learning journey. Honestly I'm hoping to catch the progress, the development of my Korean skill so that when I look back, I could be grateful or learn something or be reminded of something nice.

During my first month, besides the euphoria, there's already frustation. I forgot that learning process takes time and doing it enjoyably is the right way. Luckily, I found some blogs that share their learning journey and they are awesome!

They have their ups and downs but they never give up. It was like finding a well of hope, of spirit. Maybe they didn't realize it when they poured out their happiness, their anger, their feelings from learning Korean in their blog, when they do that, they help me to keep going. I think if I can stay motivated, it would be because of  reading their blogs. I'll find some ways later to list the blogs but as for now, I hope I can keep finding strong Korean learner like them and be like one!



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