Saturday 19 March 2011

My Lenocho Gets New Accessories

I've been looking for the Korean keyboard sticker. I thought it was difficult to find here in Bali. Well apparently not. I actually have seen stickers like that before but I just didn't realize that all those stickers have 한글 characters on it (because they tend to have cute pictures and the font is printed so small). I just thought that they are a bunch of cute and overly decorated sticker for a keyboard.

Fortunately, I found one that shows more of the letters than pictures. So here you go, my Lenocho:

좋아해요! ^^


  1. So I don't have to seek this sticker now.. right??

  2. Yup, no need, thanks!
    Btw, I discard the Disqus comment because I just can't comment! I think it requires stronger internet connection than what I currently have. *sigh*

  3. Cute. I also want to buy keyboard stickers like that but I'm afraid it might mess up my computer. It looks cool though.

  4. Ka Iraa~, akhirnya aku nempel stiker juga di keyboard. Kira2 ini bisa dilepas ga ya? Huhu >.<

  5. pingiiiin . . .
    beli dimana itu sist???
    minta infonya dong