Tuesday 8 March 2011

Why Korean?

Yeah.. Why?

There are people who start learning Korean because they idolize Korean actors/actresses/boy/girl bands or their drama. I'm not much different than them. But it's not actors/actresses/boy/girl bands or their drama, it's the humble and witty MC Yoo for me! ^^

My interest for Korean (the language, people, and its culture) grows stronger and around the end of January 2011, I decided to learn the language.

So it's been more or less one month and the euphoria still lingers. But when I think about it, when I'm studying Korean, I don't relate it with MC Yoo. I don't know how to explain this but I don't think it's a direct cause and effect relationship. Sure, my admiration is the trigger but it's not the main and the only reason.

I love learning languages but it's bitterly contrasted by the fact that I haven't succeeded in mastering one (with exception for English but the feel is not the same, I guess). I've tried Japanese and Deutsch and loss of motivation brought an end to both. With previous experience, I always went with the book. I treated it like learning lesson at school. I think I lost my interest gradually learning that way.

Would it be any different with Korean? I don't know. Right now I really really want to master the language. But I'm afraid, too. What if I can't keep my motivation? What if I can't make any progress like before? Failing to master new language will not cost me much. It's not a mandatory or survival skill for me right now, so why I bother to do all these?

Those concerns, those fears almost prevented me to create this blog. Why should I record a journey that probably be terminated in the coming months? Really, I even want to discard this post and everything.

But hope is one of my favorite word and also stubborn. Who knows what the future might bring? I enjoy the heavenly escape by learning new language, by doing something productive, isn't that good for me? I notice my mistakes in learning languages and now find some new way to learn, isn't that enough to go on? Besides, repetition is our good friend, I'm not the only person who has failed before.

So, why not learning Korean? 가자! ^^

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