Saturday 19 March 2011

Days of The Week and Sailor Moon

Learning vocabulary for days of the week in Korean somehow reminds me of Sailor Moon, the Japanese anime and manga. LOL. Just look at these words:

월 [wol, the moon] - 월요일 [woryoil, Monday]
와 [hwa, fire] - 와요일 [hwayoil, Tuesday] - 와성 [hwaseong, Mars]
수 [su, water] - 수요일 [suyoil, Wednesday] - 수성 [suseong, Mercury]
목 [mok, tree] - 먹요일 [mogyoil, Thursday] - 먹성 [mokseong, Jupiter]
금 [geum, gold, iron] - 금요임 [geumyoil, Friday] - 금성 [geumseong, Venus]
토 [to, earth, soil, ground] - 토요일 [toyoil, Saturday] - 토성 [toseong, Saturn]
일 [il, the sun] - 일요일 [iryoil, Sunday]

Do you see what I see?

Because of the manga, I associate Mercury with blue and water, Mars with red and fire, Jupiter with woods, Venus with yellow, orange, gold. Is it some kind of inheritance showed in languages that have historical origin from Chinese? Sailor Moon is a Japanese product and I guess these Korean verbs resound it.

Well, about the association between the planet names and the name of the days, that I just found out. Even if Monday and Sunday in Korean does not have planet name related to them, part of their names mean the moon and the sun, so I think it's close enough.

From the TTMIK podcast, the same thing could be existing in French and Spanish, too. Monday in Spanish is Lunes (and luna is the word for the moon), and in French it's Lundi (and lune for the moon). And don't you think Monday is just one 'o' short from the moon? :P

I know, I know, I can't conclude it that way and I'm too lazy to dig some more on this. But! It's fun to find things like that about languages. 재미 있어요! ^^



  1. Oh.. I see what you see!! I think they (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) have the same association between heavenly bodies with name of days and many other things.

    Anyway, I believe Justine will love your blog here. Why don't you tell her about this blog??

  2. What other association they have? Mind sharing?

    Sure, I'll tell Justine in my next reply! ^^