Thursday 7 April 2011

Connect The Corresponding Words

      ㅇ                                                        ㅇ 만나요
친구  ㅇ                                                        ㅇ 해요
선물  ㅇ                                                        ㅇ 들어요
수업  ㅇ                                                        ㅇ 사요

I was learning Unit 5 of my textbook (Integrated Korean Beginning 1) and ran into the exercise above. Here's what I came up with, starting from the first pair.

[one/work] 일  -  만나요 [meet]
시에 한국어 반 친구 만나요
I meet Korean classmate at 1 (o'clock).

The second pair:

[friend] 친구  -  해요 [do]
친구고 같이 한국어 연습해요
I practice Korean with my friend.

And then..

[gift] 선물  -  들어요 [listen/take (a class/a subject)]

응~~ .. Uhm....

I couldn't think any of simple sentences, using the Korean I have learned, to connect the words. Oh well, I thought, it just proves I'm not that creative.

And suddenly it came to me that.. that I misunderstood the instruction. Connect the corresponding words. Who says something about making up sentences? Who? Who?


I think I'm just too creative that I improvise the instruction. LOL.

Few seconds later:

[one/work] 일 ㅇ                                    ㅇ 만나요 [meet]
[friend] 친구                                      ㅇ 해요 [do]
[gift] 선물      ㅇ                                    ㅇ 들어요 [listen/take (a class/a subject)]
[class] 수업   ㅇ                                    ㅇ 사요 [buy]

Silly me!

여러분도, 오늘 재미 있어요? ^ ^



  1. LOL I had ??? when I saw your answers.
    Definitely a creative way to approaching exercises! LOL

  2. Silly you!! :)
    Certainly you won't repeat the same mistake in the future as our beloved Professor usually says: "Even donkey doesn't fall into the same hole."