Wednesday 27 April 2011

The Day I Get My First Korean Dictionary

I love Naver but I'd also like to have a dictionary which I could actually turn its pages. I keep searching and searching and..

Oh! Is that what I think it is? Oh!

But what is that yellowish creature? So small..

Does it come with the dictionary? 
Can I have it too?
It's cute~

"Stop right there!"
"What's the password?"
Password? What pass.. Ha! I think I know!

"Whisper it to me",
it said while removing its helmet.
So I told, I mean, I whispered it to him.

It seems that my password works
because the little yellow creature puts its helmet back on
and start opening the pages of the dictionary.

Now it's calling me to see for myself! Excited!
I get a feeling that we can be a good friend
and start asking it things.

"What's your name?", I said.
"Regoshin", it said.

"Hello, Regoshin, how are you today?"
Regoshin points his sword to a word in the dictionary.
"먹고 싶어요.  Regoshin wants to eat."

Ah, me too, Regoshin, me too..
[craving for a midnight snack... ㅠㅠ]

The dictionary is so small. I was hoping more like the Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary in term of size (and consequently number of words) but I decide to just be happy with it. Oh! The English-Korean has sample sentences in a quite number of entries. ^^


  1. Hi
    may i ask you how much it is and you how to get it

  2. Hello~

    I asked my friend to buy the dictionary from Kinokuniya Singapore when he went there (from their web, SGD 14.98).

    You can also get it from Book Depository (free shipping worldwide, they have it cheaper there USD 6.97).

    But honestly, I rarely use the dictionary. The online dictionary, like Naver or Daum, is so much better.

  3. I bought this dictionary it is very small i liked it very much
    it's a pity my country isn't in the list free shipping worldwide i got it from amazon

    Sabina Osmanova